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The Backway

The origin of the african migration

Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe is usually treated like a movement phenomenon. In 2017 alone, 150.000 people arrived to Europe from Africa. However, African migration is not numbers, routes or deaths; it’s people. Migration is the desperation of a young man who doesn’t find a job; the uncertainty and concern of the relatives who stay at home. It’s the hope that the loved ones will come back one day or a grandfather’s acceptance that he will never see his grandson again.

In The Backway, Chapter 1, we traveled to the beginning of this African migratory route –The Gambia, Senegal, Mali and Niger–, to get closer to the people who characterize this key phenomenon of the XXI century. We need to choose between becoming a fence or a bridge. In a world where walls are getting higher, maybe now is the time to build wider bridges.